motor suddenly went in reverse ????


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so i have an lectric expedition has 1200 miles on it never had a problem. then today it did a weird jerk then it locked up on me. come to find out both sides of my rear axle had jumped out of the drop outs and got jammed in the forward position and also twisted the wire harness and pinched it in the wedged forward position took awhile to figure out what actually happened thought it wasn't tight and they fell out but no they were ripped out of the drop outs with all its torque so i fixed the damaged wires and put it back together powered up all good went to take test ride it mediately forced out of the drop outs and did the same thing any ideas as to what is going on? is it the controller hall effects it is a geared hub motor doesn't it have a clutch that doesn't allow it to go in reverse? I'm so confused also both times when it got jammed up read error code p008 wich means motor issue so they say


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