Motiv Stash 2018 owners?


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I'm in the market for a <$2000 folding bike and just came across the Stash. I was almost settled on a Qualisports Volador or Dolphin, but the Stash has a number of great upgrades that might sway me despite the higher price.

Are there any Stash (2018) owners out there that wouldn't mind sharing their experience with the bike so far? How's the build quality? How's Motiv support? There aren't any dealers here in NYC unfortunately. Also, is it possible to roll the Stash while it's folded up? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
What foldable e-bike did you end up getting by now? I very recently bought a STASH foldable model & before that, the other brands you were thinking about were on my list to see too. I think Motiv's quality's nice. Re: customer service, they reply back pretty quickly so far, but not nearly as extensively or detailed as I'd like so far to my questions. You can't really roll it around while it's folded because there's no magnet or anything to keep it together while closed. On their official site under DEALERS, there's none listed which is a shame.

If you OR anyone else here has a STASH, how do I order an additional battery if NOT from the retailer you got your bike from? The battery it came with is a 36v 9ah/350 watt battery , but since I want to get another, I'd like to get a more powerful one for more speed and to go a longer distance. Also, anyone know how much they are? TIA to anyone who knows.