Motiv Shadow tire replacement


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Hey friends!

Question for an ebike noob. I just got a Motiv Shadow, but apparently I live in the land of broken glass so I'm switching out to a more puncture resistant tire. Anyone have any help to offer on getting the back wheel off? I noticed that a cable runs right thought the axle bolt and into the hub, but I don't see a spot to disconnect the wire. Thoughts?

Apparently Orange County is full of glass. My second ride out I got a flat too!! See my post in Even More Carbon Love. I recently installed a double thick tube on my rear tire. I found it best to just flip the bike upside down after struggling to loosen the bolt while on a bike carrier . I am surprised, however, that there is not a quick disconnect for the power cable to the hub motor.

Maybe you can just call one of the local dealers for advice, if Motiv doesn't answer your post first. They are pretty awesome guys. Sam at Myron's Extreme Machines in Fullerton or one of the guys at E-Z Cruizer in Dana Point could probably just give you some free advice on the phone. They are both great!!

BTW Nice picture!! You seem a bit young for the Shadow, perhaps a tricycle is more like it.
Hey @Gabe,
There is a motor quick disconnect on all of our models. Please double check it again. It is located underneath the drive sided chain stay.

Well congrats on your first Ebike Flat! I have changed or patched my tubes on my A2B Metro at least 10 x over the past 4 years, before I gave up on those #$%^ Kendas and went with Moped tires, which are DOT tough. Unless you have 20" tires you're stuck with bicycle tires.

All these Ebikes have quick disconnects, probably at least two plugs....The connection may be covered with shrink tubing, so you have to pull that back. And you'll probably need to cut a few tye wraps.

It may also have a torque arm that has to be removed. And the wheel is much heavier to deal with than you're used to.

Does your bike have the Kenda K-Rad 26x2.3 tires? Get rid of the Kendas now!

Schwalbe or Maxxis, and better tubes, and enjoy your bike. I have Maxxis Excel on my new ebike, and couldn't be happier..
Thanks everyone!!
I found the quick disconnect. Thanks for your help on that! Just needed to follow the cord a little further under the frame. :) Once I found that it was just like removing any other bike tire, but about 5 times as heavy.
Since weight is not an issue, I just went with overkill: I now have a thorn resistant tube and a tire liner and purchased Bontrager Hard Case Ultimate tires. It's only been 2 days, but so far so good. The ride on the Bontrager actually feels a little better anyway. We'll see how it goes.