2015 Motiv Sherpa Tire rub on frame


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2015 Motiv Sherpa Tire rub on frame . Hello all I've noticed that my rear tire is a tiny bit warped and will sometimes run on the frame. If I'm standing behind my bike, it will sometimes rub on the right side of the lower frame close to the crank. When I look at it from above there seems to be ample room on the left side between the wheel and frame but it's very close on the right side? I've tried reseating my axle with no luck on fixing the problem. Could this be a washer issue where maybe i don't have enough washers on the right location? The left side with the power cable has remained the same since due to the cable housing, The right has a motor locking nut, two washers )one straight and one slightly convex/concave, and the outside nut.

I just had to order new tires anyway. I ordered a 26 x 2.30 set, the original set was 26 x 2.35 so I'm hoping it'll fit and be less fat and solve the problem that way.

Any advice?