Fulfilling a dream

Sounds like a successful test. You are doing well so far.
Making me hungry Brother!!
It's an asian flavor inspired glaze that I've been trying out different methods of making over the past year or so and friday nights was almost perfect. I think that all it needed was some orange zest.
Just came in, I was going to do some welding today to make a spare tire mount and my welder won't feed. It had stopped the last time I was working with it, and figured it was just out of wire, so I quit and never looked. Nope, stupid chinese crap. The manufacturer put too large of a fuse on the control board allowing the bridge rectifier on board to draw too much current and it blew it's top off. It melted the fuse holder and cover and discolored a large resistor.


You can see a discolored corner of the bridge rectifier in the middle left of the board and it leads down to the lower left where the fuse block is. I'm betting that everything else on the board is ok, even the discolored resister. Found the part on Amazon, they'll be here on wednesday Just hate pulling parts held in with leadfree solder. I also found solder shorts at some spots which I removed, and may have contributed to the problem.
I would retouch all of the solder joints with actual 60/40 Rosen core solder to make it more reliable. Lead free solder “doesn’t”.
Testing again tonight.

Turkey roasts that were roasted on top of mire poix, mashed taters, gravy and green beans. This is what we want to do with the custom roasts the local turkey farm is making for us. I'm picking them up on the 17th. I want to make a meal and take it to his farm and feed the entire family.
Testing again tonight.

Turkey roasts that were roasted on top of mire poix, mashed taters, gravy and green beans. This is what we want to do with the custom roasts the local turkey farm is making for us. I'm picking them up on the 17th. I want to make a meal and take it to his farm and feed the entire family.
Familiar with the Cajun trio, but had to Google "mire poix", which uses carrots instead of bell peppers (with the onion and celery) if I understand correctly. Anyway sounds good.
I had a stroke...

...of brilliance today. I've been trying to figure out how to get a camera on the back of the trailer to work so I can see it in the cab of the truck. They make wireless back up cameras, but none of them have the range needed specially when they're being blocked by a big metal box. I have an IP camera surveillance system with an AP inside the trailer that will automatically link up with my wireless network at home so I can access things there. Today I got to thinking about if there was a way to use an ESP32 to take a video stream from an IP camera and convert it to an composite output so I could connect it to the stereo in the truck.

After running errands today I started researching it. No method of using an ESP32, ESP8266 or Arduino, but there is a method using a Raspberry Pi. I grabbed an RPi2 I had laying around and loaded an SD card. Installed VLC and connected it to a small display that has a composite input. Gave it the command line to CLVC to connect to the RTSP stream of the camera in the rear, and now I have a wifi enabled trailer backup camera. Just need to wire it into the truck. When I back up, I can switch the camera view to the other output other than the rear camera that's on the back of the truck.

Spare tire mount is done. Just needs a rattle can coat. #1 helped me out. Built out of some scrap left over from the merging of the trailers, some allthread and a couple short pieces of 1/2" black iron pipe. The fixed welder did a great job.


It's easy to mount and remove, and hold snug. I'll have to take it out for a drive. I don't think it's going anywhere.
Looking great!! You are doing a great job on this passion!!
Looking great!! You are doing a great job on this passion!!
Thanks, it's getting there. Getting through all the paperwork is tough because there's so much other stuff we have to gather to send in.

A few wees ago, my wife and I stopped in at a large turkey farm and talked to the owner. Talked to him about making us some turkey roasts for us to use in the truck. He called the other week to talk about prices and that he'd have to test making them since he doesn't normally do that. We settled on a price and he's made us 5 3lb roasts that we're picking up on saturday. Sadly the plan for them fell through (thanks Covid), but instead we offered to make him and his family dinner out of them so he gets an idea how we're going to serving his product. He loved the idea so we're going to do that after Thanksgiving. Very nice man, we'll be happy to add him to our collection of friends we have helping us with this.

Dinner for him will be turkey roasts, light and dark meat, gravy, mashed taters, some vegetable, probably fresh green beans, and some pan roasts "filling". Possibly cheesecake for desert. This gives us practice serving when it's not stressful.
Just an update about business stuff. A few weeks ago, wife and I spent the day driving around the county meeting businesses and trying to get permission to setup there cooperatively. We were very successful, and get positive responses from each place, lots of excitement from them too because we were the first ones that approached them. The last place we visited was a turkey farm because we wanted to see if they made turkey roasts similar to what Butterball does. We talked to the 7th generation owner of the farm and told him what we intended and he said he'd look into making them for us.

2 saturday's ago, my phone rights at 8:19am, I say to my wife, "must be a farmer calling" and figured it was my Amish friend because if he's calling it's always around that time. Yup, farmer, but not Amish, english Turkey Farmer calling about the roasts. He's butchering and wanst to know if we still want them. I do, but I also know that I can't use them for my original intent, but don't want to put him out and we settle on a price and 5 roasts as a test.

Today they were ready and we went over to pick them up. I parked way int he back of the farm to stay out of the way of any equipment and walked my way to the office. I come across a guy on a fork lift. I ask him if the farmer is around and he asks if I ordered a turkey. I tell him no, he has some roasts for me, then he excitedly says "oh, you're the food truck guy". Last week I texted him and said we'd love to bring the trailer over and serve his entire family dinner so he can see how we're going to represent his product to the public. He was very excited about the idea and told his entire family. Sometime in early December, we're talking the trailer over and making everyone 16+ people a turkey dinner served from the trailer. Not cooked there, but kept warm and served. Super nice family we're happy to making this "partnership" with them. They also want us to come out next year during turkey season, set up and serve their customers while they wait to get their turkey. We'll be serving big bowls of Creamed Turkey and Hot Turkey Sammiches.

I grew up not too far from his farm, which makes me a local. People down here don't like non-locals.

After much discussion here between the wife and I we have decided that we're going to need some help getting everything else done. We hate having to do this but we've started a campaign here: https://www.givesendgo.com/MollesCoach

We are also trying to organize a live fundraiser in the local area, but we're trying to find land to host it on. Right now without our inspection, we can only do private events on private land. More details on that to follow.
First a big thank you to everyone that chooses to help out. Second, we're going to keep a list on the truck of everyone that does. If you ever make it out to us, just tell the person that's taking orders your name and they will make sure you get a free meal.
I just made a Craigslist deal to pickup a pair of 100W solar panels which will fit perfectly on the outside of the serving window. With those wired in we'll have 570W of solar power to run the trailer. If we have a good sunny day, we shouldn't need to run the small generator at all. This works towards our goal of being the quietest truck out there. If it works, the only noise will be from exhaust fans. I do have to drive to DE to get them, so the wife and I are taking a road trip tomorrow.
I went out and took my first class on getting my ServSafe Manager certification. It's required to pass inspection. Seems like it'll be easy enough to pass the test. Made a friend with one of the other attendees, that's also trying to get a mobile concession business going.
Monday afternoon I should have a max of 570W of solar power available. At 12V output, that's 47.5A, and we only use 18A if everything is on. I got these panels from a guy in Delaware that he got for his sailboat, but they wouldn't fit. A test fit on the serving window door indicated that a breeze could possibly cause it to slam down with 60 extra lbs of panels on it. We replace the lift struts today with a pair that support 380lbs. Which is more than enough to support the door and the panels. Waiting on some things to arrive to finish the wiring. Now there's 3 100W panels, and 1 270W on the truck. Should be enough to keep us powered on a sunny day. We still have a generator on board, just in case.