Motiv Shadow Thoughts


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Anyone own the Motiv Shadow? I talked with Cameron at Motiv today and he said nine have been sold. Court's review seemed positive, wondering if anyone here has purchased one and can comment. Cameron, BTW, was very informative and actually designed the bike. It appears to be a very powerful, and comfortable commuter. I may not miss a throttle with the power this bike seems to offer.
Very funny that you asked about the Shadow. I was going to mention it to you, but I didn't think that Motiv had branched out very far yet. That is the other bike that I am also considering. I actually test rode a Shadow and my brother-in-law test rode a Neo Race at the same time. He couldn't keep up with me on the Neo Race when I was on the Shadow. That thing is fast, fun, and I really like it. There are a few things I don't like about the Shadow though. I am 6 feet and the distance between the seat and the handlebars seemed a bit too close for me. Not too bad, just not what I am used to. Second, the pedal assist wasn't nearly as smooth as a Neo bike. I also didn't care for the shifters or shock. They work well enough, but not exactly top of the line components. Having ridden a few 48 volt bikes, I really like that extra power, but even the 36 volt Shadow is really strong. The Shadow is a bit cheaper than the rest and since I live close to the manufacturer, a dealer around me is offering the Shadow for just a little over 2k. It is a tempting choice. If I can live with the seating position, I will probably get the Shadow and upgrade it overtime. (Nicer shifters, a true shock.)
Vern, very interesting. I am about the same height, so I may run into the same problem. I know the Shadow uses a cadence sensor as opposed to a torque sensor, so maybe that explains why the Neo was smoother. Cameron, at Motive explained the difference in detail and I think the torque sensor, although more expensive may be worth the money. Too bad Motiv does not offer one. With the battery upgrade to 48V and shipping, the Shadow would come in at about $2,850. That is $600 more than the E3 Dash with the early bird special. They seem to have similar setups, the Dash having a torque sensor, and a true suspension fork, the Motiv looking a little cooler, and a geared hub motor for more torque. I think I am still leaning toward the Dash, maybe the Neo 650B, after Court reviews it. Thanks for your input.
How much can you get the Dash for? The Motiv dealer by me just quoted me $2,200 for the 48 volt Shadow. That sounds pretty good to me. I just test rode one again on the way home. I really liked it, but it does have some drawbacks. I think a torque sensor would be ideal, but more money of course. I think that the cadence sensors give an impression of more power because they just kick right it no matter how hard you pedal. The Dash still sounds better to me too, but I need to try it and I'm not sure when it will be out. Did you get any dates from Long Island Ebikes about the Dash?
Never mind about the price of the Dash. I guess 2850-600=$2250. I just realized that. Pretty funny that I am a math teacher. Is my math correct??
Yes, $2250 if pre-ordered before 2/14 which is the ship date, according to Long Island Bikes. I believe the normal price is $2500. I think your price on the Shadow is excellent, quite a bit higher from Motiv direct.
Hey guys! Great thoughts all around. I really like what Vern was getting at with torque sensing vs. pedelec. Sometimes I actually prefer pedelec for commuting because it doesn't require as much force (which can tire my knees out after while of riding every day for long distances). You just sort of leisurely pedal and the bike does the rest :)

I hadn't heard about the pre-order price of the Dash, that's pretty awesome... Considering the 500 watt gearless motor, torque sensing pedal assist and speed-pelelec design that can reach 27mph I think that's a screaming good deal. The Dash was one of my favorite ebikes at Interbike this year but it's hard to deny the aesthetics of the Neo bikes. Just finished the review of the 650B hardtail by the way. It was raining quite a bit when I visited BH so the video is kind of short (and windy...) but provides the general info, the written portion is good.

I just got my new camera and mic setup today and have a trip to visit Optibike on Tuesday. They have a brand new model to show off and if your budget can stretch to ~$3,000 it might be worth waiting until mid/late next week for me to post about it ;)
We love the feed the back from you guys. Glad to see that you guys like our design and performance.

We would like to add that our batteries come stock with a 10ah either in 36v or 48v and we offer a 2 year warranty on anything electric, and life time on the frame to the original purchaser.
We haven't had any battery issues regarding riding in the rain.

The cells and BMS are shrink wrapped inside the aluminum case so they are protected but I wouldn't go to the extreme of submerging he battery.

If rain is a concern, fenders can always be added for a little bit more protection for your "backside" and the battery :D

Where do you live?
Maine. Not as rainy as Northwest but nevertheless it's prudent to ask and poke at all possible angles to avoid a warranty claim.

I am somewhat puzzled, and it must be because a lot of customers are probably living in more arrid locations, why so many ebike manufacturers do not offer the fenders/light add on. If its easy to add them on then make a one time search, pick a cool set of fenders and offer it as an add on. It saves people time to pick something that fits and adds $$$ to the sale for the vendor.

i am getting my act together (selling old junk on ebay) to be ready for a purchase after i return from vacation (march 13). The Shadow, Stromer, Nitro are all on my list right now.