Mission control - Strava sync (Set mail account first error)


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I had an issue with strava sync in the Mission control app when I purchased by 2021 Turbo Vado SL 4.0 EQ in summer 2021. It wouldn't sync to strava and when i click the button next to a ride it says "Info - Set mail account first!". I did manage to fix this back then, but can't remember how. After having my bike in winter storage for 5 months it's logged me out of strava and the things I thought would fix it - aren't. Any suggestions?

I created a new thread about this as there's not a single result on google for the string "set mail account first" apart from a thread on /r/ebikes on reddit yesterday. I presume I can't be the only one getting this issue so if we find a solution maybe this helps future time travellers.
Okay, this is me being an idiot. There are two tiny logos that to me looked like one button - but they are in fact the strava logo and the komoot logo next to one another. I was tapping the komoot logo as it looks a lot like a confirm icon.