Mirror for Vado 5.0

I took the bike for a ride. Took me a bit to adjust the mirror. I really like it.
Before this I had one that stick out and had to worry not to hit cars when they were close.
Seems very solid also.
I will have the bike on my rack to go somewhere to ride and will see if it interferes with the bike rack.
Doesn’t seem it does.
Me too aesthetically . I will ride soon and see how I can see my rear view. I will report.
Loaded on bike rack. No issues with mirror being on the way.
Saw a guy with Vado 6 and mirror up (vs down like us). Asked him why he said so he can see better. I see fine and like it down much better.


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I want a Vado 6.0 mirror. I can’t find it in the US to order one. Does anyone have a link where I can purchase one?
I don't have a Vado but I've been looking and looking for a mirror that I could use on my bike. This mirror you guys have looks like it might work for me. Any chance one of you could post of photo showing how it mounts to the handlebars? And how much space the mount takes on the bars?
Thanks. I called the dealer also. They had one that I purchased.
I came home and found out that I need to take the handlebar grip, controller button, and break handle off to install.
I will take it to them to do tomorrow.
Not good messing around with these stuff.
Did you install yourself?
Are you saying that the mirror mount has to slide onto the handlebars? It doesn't just clamp onto them?
It is a clamp but not flexible like bell and other accessories. Need to slide it in and then tighten it.
See Dirty Cash response above to my question. She explained it well with pictures.
I have these which can be used above or below the handle bar
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
Those go into the bar ends, and I have some kind of ergonomic grips with little "wings" that go up. I can't install something in the bar ends.