Me too considering 1000 w bafang 620 motor on a full suspension fat tire. Opinions wanted on Frey Biktrix. Quiet kat Nikeera


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Looking at Frey fat biktrix. Juggernaut quiet kat. Ibex and Nikeera. Want the 620 bafang motor. And best suspension. Prefer. Forks with internal springs. A little concerned about air forks I am an old ex desert motorcycle racer district 37 a mont shy of 70! Out of shape over weight 265 lbs

What are your thoughts. And opinions particularly if you own or have ridden these bikes ?
Can’t specially comment on the bikes you’re looking at, but I have the Frey Beast. Frey builds a great dual sus bike and you obviously won’t be disappointed with the power of the Ultra motor.

The air folks are plush, but the fork specs are probably different on the bikes you’re looking at. I had to add a little air to mine to get the right sag for my weight.

I ride on pas level 1 in eco mode 99% of the time.

Good luck