Lost Battery Charge Port Cover


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Northeast Pennsylvania
I have two Reention "dolphin" style batteries which use ST3 charge port connectors. I've now lost the rubber caps which cover the connector ports on both. They are made of flimsy rubber and are held on by a narrow flap which eventually breaks off.


Replacements are available if you can find them but it requires disassembling the case.

Rather than go through the effort, I now use these plastic snap in hole plugs:


They are a perfect fit for any battery that uses a female ST3 connector. They snap firmly into place and easily remove with a fingernail.

A 25 pack is available from Amazon for $9 which is half the cost of just one replacement OEM rubber cap. They're cheap enough so I keep a handful with my battery gear in case I lose one.

Note the Amazon product picture shows them in white but they are actually black.