Looking for Synapse Neo torque specs - not in manual (loose pedal crank arm issue)...


I've been experiencing an issue with my Cannondale Synapse Neo where the right side pedal crank arm keeps coming loose. It's been to my local bike shot (Cannondale certified) and they tighten it. It comes loose again, especially on hillier rides where I'm putting down more power on the pedals. I've been looking for this bikes specific torque specs and can't find them anywhere. The PDF manual doesn't seem to list the torque specs for all the OEM parts. If anyone can share them if they have them I'd really appreciate it. I plan to add a bit of medium thread lock and torque it accordingly.
Blue thread locker is a good idea. Clean the axle and threads of the crank arm bolt beforehand. Can't give you a torque spec I just tighten mine till the bolt stops moving. Let the loctite dry at least overnight before use. Always good to carry the correct allen key along in your kit just in case.