Looking for a Beach Style Cruiser E-Bike

Bruce Towell

New Member
Was all set to plunk good money down on an e-bike that I felt was perfect for my needs, then I read a recent article where a couple parked their e-bikes went for a stroll, and the batteries exploded! Luckily they were far enough away and didn't sustain any injury. The company's owner of course replaced their bikes at no charge, but now I'm hesitant to purchase this bike. They get their batteries in China, but then again don't they all? Any help would be appreciated.

Bruce - be sure you take a look at the new Ocean Current from Juiced. Court should have his review of them up soon. We got ours earlier this month, and are very pleased.
I test rode the Ocean Current prototype late last year. Very impressed with that bike for $1300. It's super comfortable and responsive.