Local vs Company-owned store experience

Despite my philosophical differences on the issue would I go back to my original store (Agees) that sold me my first Trek…no way. My biggest gripe about the shift in ownership at Carytown is I wish they had told me before I picked up the guest bike (Trek) I’d had on order for almost a year. I would’ve bought a Como. When I bought my Allant 9 I was open to another brand but the shop had such a good relationship with Bosch (Former employee a regional rep) they were more comfortable with servicing. They had real problems getting Specialized‘s help on Brose. In summation: same great shop despite the new limitations
I had some thinking about what you had said.

Your LBS owner wanted to pick the best from the best of different brands. That might have worked in the pre-pandemic times. As it is today, the guy has become a pariah for all the brands he's trying to sell. Low sales quota for each brand, for one.

I think the times have changed a lot.

Today, I paid a visit to the Specialized Brand Store. They got a huge delivery of bikes. Improbably huge. And they are expected to sell all of them. This is how it works when you sell for a single brand only with full dedication. (Interestingly, the follow the Specialized policy that obviously states selling e-bikes has become a priority. When you enter the showroom, the first thing you can see are e-bikes).

You are correct, but seeing things from a different perspective to me.

Pre pandemic the bike companies needed to compete for customers so the company had to compete on quality / service / price et al. The customer had the power of choice, and the shops catered to that.

Two years later , and supply limitations gave moved all the power to the manufacturers. IMHO they are leveraging that power by forcing shops into exclusivity and directing supply / support to shops that comply.

The pandemic supply issues will eventually settle, I just hope that shops who serve customers rather than manufacturers can survive this period.

Plus I hope another manufacturer can produce an SL beater
The Benefits To Have a Good LBS...


They will expertly wash your e-bike...


They will make your existing drivetrain shine...


They will sell new tyres to you and install them. They will also remove the mudguard if you ask them and replace it with an Ass Saver...

They will receive the equivalent of US$135 or AUD180 from you. Big share of it is their own earning. It pays to take care of the customer. I can only wish to all of you to be nearby the LBS as good as the Specialized Warsaw is :)

And no, I am not interested in another brand making e-bikes as good as the Specialized ones are :)