Local Bike Shops and upgrade or repairs to Internet purchased EBikes

With cheap ebikes comes risk of battery fires. Any bike shop owners here care to chime in? I feel if you work on my cheap ebike electrical and it burns down my house good chance a law suite is coming your way. Working on any e-bike electrical issues comes with a certain risk of liability for a bike shop.
I brought my bike in they loved it , they actually took the time to find me a new chain ring and dialed in the chain from not slipping under torque. They modified a purpose built lekkie chain ring for BBSHD to fit a BBS02 , they bored out the center and added new screw holes. Pretty much way above and beyond what I expected. The offsets for the BBS02/BBSHD 52T Chain ring are different.

I told them Malt Licky on the strempf then did a "snap" with my mouth.
most shops out here are "licensed" to work on a handful of brands. there's shops for van moof, gazelle, RAD, etc. you just look for the little sign in the window when you walk past. most of them will handle the normal bike bits of something they aren't licensed for (brakes, tires, shifter, etc.) but when it comes to electronics you have to make sure you find a shop that will work with your specific brand. like other people in the thread have pointed out it only makes sense. if they don't have parts in stock or an easy way to find them it's kind of a waste of time for them to accept the job. same reasons people will discourage using a "foreign car" as your daily driver.

one thing i find interesting is the areas where i see these internet bikes more frequently. in London and in Texas i see them all the time, people just buy the cheapest thing with the highest watt motor they can find. whereas in the Netherlands and Germany i see mostly local bike brands and conversions. my guess would be if you grew up going to bike shops then you probably trust your bike mechanic more than you trust youtube, but in areas where biking as primary transport is just catching on people fall down the rabbit hole of forum reviews and "35MPH E-Bike Only Costs How Much 🙀" videos in the recommended tab on youtube.