Known Issues & Problems with EcoMotion Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

Ann M.

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No ebike is perfect, this is a thread dedicated to sharing known issues or problems with electric bikes from EcoMotion as well as any help and solutions you know of. Sometimes that means a DIY fix and other times it can mean a recall, software update or part replacement by a dealer.

Please be respectful and constructive with feedback, this is not a space for hate speech. In many cases, representatives from the company will see feedback and use it to improve their product. In the end, the goal is to enjoy riding and help each other go further and be safer.
I have an Ecomotion eTour that I bought in April 2019. Recently (twice tin the last 2 weeks) when I hit a bump everything goes dead. The computer is blank, no motor assist and when I press the battery “charge level” button on the batty itself nothing the battery charge level indicator lights don't light up. After getting home the second the charger hits the battery charger port everything comes back. The battery has never been less the 50% when this happens. When this happened over the weekend, I took the fuse out and reinserted it since there doesn’t seem to be much more that I can try , but it had no impact – connecting the charger brought it back to life instantly and this time it was close to 100% charged when it died after only 8 miles.

Any ideas on what I can try? It’s a heavy bike to pedal home without the motor assist