Known Issues & Problems with Blix Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

Ann M.

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No ebike is perfect, this is a thread dedicated to sharing known issues or problems with electric bikes from Blix as well as any help and solutions you know of. Sometimes that means a DIY fix and other times it can mean a recall, software update or part replacement by a dealer.

Please be respectful and constructive with feedback, this is not a space for hate speech. In many cases, representatives from the company will see feedback and use it to improve their product. In the end, the goal is to enjoy riding and help each other go further and be safer.
2017 Blix Vika+ Known Issue- Within a week of purchase for a local shop I began to receive "error code 21" and the bike's motor would stop working. I would the stop, wait a few seconds and go again. The issue was intermittent but became more frequent. I wrote the support folks at and received this reply' "...Error 21 means 'current anomaly' and can occur from a faulty wire in the power or display cables, or a controller box issue....". Knowing it was beyond an easy fix I returned the bike to the local shop where they immediately replaced the controller box. It was explained that a series of controllers have a defective PROM chip. The bike now works and I'm fully satisfied with the service provided by Blix
and the local shop in Portland, Oregon.