Kepler Rear Wheel Removal


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If you ask support for instructions for removing the rear wheel of the kepler, they will share a video from the X-Class. Here are my tips after watching that video.
  1. The Kepler design is not like the X-Class. The fender and brake light are both too far back/exposed. Safely flipping the bike requires a 2x4 placed under the rack. In fact, the position of the brake light is pretty horrbile all around. The wire connections should have been on top (which you'll discover the first time you back into a bike rack) and the mount should be 3/4" further in (on the inside of the rack tube - there is literally no reason for the mount to be welded where it is - zero)
  2. Customers can save themselves the trouble of removing the screen and rotating the shifter by rotating the handlebars so the rear grip flats are UP. Actually, you probably should remove the screen regardless, but rotating the handlebar is easy enough in a pinch although the fixed cables in the back of it might prove to be difficult. I still recommend removing the screen, and when you do, use the brackets as a guide for centering the handlebar in the stem (i.e. move them in and loosely tighten temporarily)
  3. You will need to cut 3 zip ties. You'll replace these with 4 zip ties, because the manufacture Ariel Rider ordered these from skipped one important tie by the rotor that you should add.
  4. Tighten the wheel, then put the fender screw in and tighten. If you have the fender screw in before tightening, you might grind threads off the fender screw.
...also, remove or lower your seat. I'd edit this and add it, but apparently there is spam logic that will then hide my post.