Just ordered my Volton A.500


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I'm the new owner of a Volton Alation 500. Black on Black color scheme. I'm super excited and nervous about my decision, even after I emailed Volton and Joe Marchfield replied with some good information about the bike.

Now only time will tell if this was the bike for me. I'll be taking a break from the forums until my bike gets here and I have a chance to assemble it, photograph it and RIDE it! Let's pray for NO SNOW in the next coming weeks.
Congrats Kaldeem! Be sure to give us the full low down when you get the bike. It is exciting to see so many people go through the purchase decision and hear the great stories when they get their new bike!
My bike arrived yesterday morning, I however was at work until 4 pm. Then we had plans with a friend to go trick or treating with the kids, so I wasn't able to even see my package/bike until 9 pm. That's when I saw the package, and I knew something would be wrong. My wife told me that the Fed Ex person was pushing the box 'end over end' up our three flights of stairs (there's 6 steps to each level). I started unpacking it and noticed bot plastic fenders were bent, the rear fender supports were bent, two of the four handle bar mounts were bent and one of the bent two nuts was crushed so I couldn't even get the nut out without a special tool. There are minor scratches around the frame and spokes of the bike.
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I emailed this information to Volton and they told me I can go to the LBS and pick up the nuts I need, and they will reimburse me for the cost, but I'm worried about the motor... the box was in pretty rough shape and the jarring from being toppled end over end; I'm just worried that something will go wrong with the motor once I can finally ride this thing.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm heading over to the LBS to see about those nuts, and have them inspect the bike, true the wheels and all that stuff. After that I'll have some better, more comforting pics to show of the finial assembly of the bike..right now it just looks silly with those fenders all bent up. It's been almost 50 day's since I've ordered this bike... 50 day's and 2200$ dollars and this is what I get. All I can say is "fahq" Fed Ex. (Sorry).


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Oh snap, bummer dude - I bet you'd like to topple that delivery guy down a few flights. I've had to refuse deliveries on damage concerns, it is a tricky affair as you are anxious to get the thing and the delivery guy is already walking away before you notice the abuse your package has taken. I hope you get her dialed in soon, and some snow free days to enjoy and refine your ride. -S
I took my alation 500 to my Lbs and they hooked me up with some acres for the handle bar mount, after I got home I was adjusting the front fender and generally inspecting the bike while waiting for the battery to charge. I noticed that a cable was pinched between the bottom battery plate and the side wall pretty badly, so I undid the plate and moved the wire over a bit and refastened it. I took it out to rest ride it and at first it siding power on. I turned the power off and back on and it worked; road around my parking lot and the power cut off durning the ride. This happened 2 more times befit I gave up. This morning I tried to power it on, but it would not power up.
Send it back! Have someone, you or the shipper file a complaint w/shipping company reference the person stating they saw it mishandled. It is very disappointing but better get it correct than fighting something that is supposed to give you joy and instead gives you crap. There may be numerous other hidden issues waiting their turn to show up
I just sent Volton an email on how to send it back with full refund. I tried to ride it this morning and it's having issues with the battery and I'm just done with it.

Your new bike story is heartbreaking!!! The kind of bad luck I seem to have all too often... "If I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all"

Service from companies these days can be so poor, it can sour you on the whole process. Your issues with your order goes up the line to the seller and possibly the manufacturer. FedEx is a poor choice for a shipper of something this size, bulk and weight. Packaging at the factory may also be an issue.

I recently went through the same process of ordering an e-bike. You go through the process of researching, finding the bike you want. You finally decide to put your money down (a lot of money) on what could be described as a toy. You hope it will be a fitness, commuting and pleasure purchase, but you don't really know. And than you wait and wait.

I had placed my order with a dealer recommended by EBR, (no ill will to EBR). I gave them my money and they took it! I was told the bike would be put on the truck the next day. So I waited about 5 days for the email with the tracking information I was told would be forthcoming. I didn't get an email, so I called the dealer for the tracking information, spoke to three people as all knew nothing and finally was passed on to the owner and he said "didn't (John Q?) call you? He said he called you! Your bike is on back-order. We don't know when it will be available. We should know something in a few days".

This all went on for about ten more days. I finally cancelled my order and got a refund. I did place my order for the same bike elsewhere and had it in hand in four days. I was a little concerned about the shipping but the bike was packaged very well and shipped by common carrier, ABF Freight. The driver was great. It was a scheduled delivery, ABF called the day before to make sure the delivery time was still good for me and the driver called 30 minutes prior to arriving. They would not leave until I inspected the bike and signed for it. Oh and shipping was free and the bike was the same price as the first dealer.

My point in telling you all this is that; don't get too down on the process. It worked out for me and I believe it will work out for you. It's a learning process. Possibly you can require the seller to ship in a better package and delivered by a better company than FedEx. It will work out, keep your eye on the prize!

Have a better day...
Thanks man, I'm busted about this, and you know why, which is cool. I talked to Volton and they are scheduling pick up for it when I'm ready. Full refund, paid return shipping. Looking for something else now, definitely staying local, as there is too much that can go wrong.
I have to agree that FedEx is downhill. I don't trust them for anything except a envelope, and even then it's 50/50.

Look for the nearest Small Planet eBikes. There's one in Bolder, and they have two in Colorado. Also one here in Dallas.
That's exactly what I was planing on doing!! I'm hoping they have some Stromers on Demo or like a inventory update sale going on soon. I've also been scouring the internet and Craigslist and have noticed a lot of Emotion's Neo cross and jumpers on sale. I'm just not sold on the 350w motor.
That's exactly what I was planing on doing!! I'm hoping they have some Stromers on Demo or like a inventory update sale going on soon. I've also been scouring the internet and Craigslist and have noticed a lot of Emotion's Neo cross and jumpers on sale. I'm just not sold on the 350w motor.

I was in the Dallas store the Sunday before last, and they had several Stromer's, and a Neo Race. I knew The Neo Race would be a bike my son might be interested in, so I told him about it. He didn't buy it, but he surprised me by ordering a Neo Carbon online, which is supposed to be here tomorrow. I get to set it up.