Js1 battery dying


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i bought a Js1 BesV bike around 2 years ago. the bike is a great around town commuter for me but recently the battery has severly dropped in its ability to hold a charge.
after bringing it to the local Besv dealer/repair shop (Pacific Ebike/Berkeley) they called Besv and told me it was still under warranty and Besv would send me a replacement battery.

so glad i brought this in under the 2 year mark for the warranty.

so Besv said i would be sent a temporary battery until the replacement arrives, i thought that was great but it has been a month and no temporary battery yet. So, great initial response but the follow through has so far been nonexistent as the shop had no contact from Besv regarding shipment of temporary battery as well as an eta for the replacement.

Currently i'm having the shop chase down what's going on with the battery with Besv.

i haven't heard or read of others experience with customer service with Besv so i thought i would share mine as it develops.

these are expensive bikes. i hope the warranty is honored in a timely manner.

does anyone else have an experience or advice to share?
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Spoke with Scott today (Pacific Ebikes) actually i called Scott on saturday. he told me that Besv was going to send a loaner bike for me to use temporarily till my issue gets resolved and gave me the number to James (Mclean?) from Besv who was taking care of this issue.
i tried calling him since the weekend but no answer just left 2 messages on Saturday(3/17) and Monday (3/19)

called Scott back and asked him to try because i'm getting nowhere with James (Besv). kinda feeling like i'm getting a the run around. hopefully will hear back soon.
todays update. yesterday Scott from Pacific Ebike tried to contact Besv and left messages. he advised me to also use the Contact Us on the Besv website to get a paper trail going. Still waiting to hear back from Besv.
heard back from James at Besv. They are going to get me a loaner but i have to contact another person. let's see where this goes.
I had some issues with my BESV bike that was my fault. The bike was crashed and needed replacement parts. James helped me get into contact with their tech support person. But the tech support person was a bit difficult to get a hold of. Eventually, things got resolved, but it does take some back and forth emails. Either way, James Mclean is your contact person to help with resolving issues. The good thing was I lived near their shop in Mountain View and was able to go there and drop off the bike and had it fixed in a few days.
BESV has got me on a loaner js1 and is looking into my bikes issues. So I guess it was slow to get to this point but I do feel taken care of. Will report back when there is an update. Chris from BESV has been very kind and helpful.