BESV battery and support of an expensive product.


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I was given a LX1 bike by a friend returning to the UAE. I understand it cost over £4500 about 6 years ago, and hardly used. When I attempted to charge the battery I wasn't able to

My first approach was to contact BESV directly as the manufacturers as to how I could replace the battery. They have informed me that all components are discontinued on this bike, the battery cannot be refurbished, so effectively this expensive product can be thrown away.

I would expected there is a legal responsibility to support a product of such value however I am seeing on other forums that the battery issue is a problem and BESV provide no help. Having taken a great deal of money, they wash their hands of the problem.

This is a company that you should not buy a bike from.
Good morning - despite BESV providing no support or interest in assisting those customers having bought their very expensive product, and advising that rebuilding the battery was not possible because of the battery management system, I can report that I found a very helpful small firm run by Simon, who took the battery, and at their own risk, rebuilt it, confirmed they had been successful. I now have a much better battery, and a help should I need them again.

For those unfortunate to be found in my position and need help - here is the web link to Simon.