Izip e3 Vibe control pad


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My 2017 Vibe quit working while on month long trip. It was on a Kuat rack behind my MOTOR Home. Just will not turn on. I noticed the control panel Rubber pad has a small ( dry rot) crack. And yes power was in the cable. So I disasembeed the pad I could see a stain from area under the crack to a Capacitor . And one lead is burned into. I bought another capacitor. .60 cents. Waiting untel someone with better sight shows up to replace.
But research shows this is a TRNSX Dp27 Control panel. I'm not in love with it. I saw a Transx DP 29 with more features mentioned on Transx site. Anyone know if it would work. Thanks Paul
The DP29 may be compatible, but maybe not. I would call iZip/Raleigh support for a definitive answer. Last time I called they had a pretty good support team.