IZIP still in Business?


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I have a 2017 IZIP E3 Vibe. The dealer were it was first sold. Were not much help. They remember the bike and serviced it for me a couple month ago. They did not say what they did but it worked fine just a check up. But I now get no light on the Control Panel and NO ASSIST. I have 48 volts at BATT. I noticed a dry -rot tear in the rubber on the CP. The bike shop told me they were not good on electric. ok I'm retired from Electronic field and trained. Bike shop offered SOME help "we will try to find help from factory" ?? not talking Warranty and not expected. Any way I call IZIP help they sent drawings. I opened the control panel and found stain from under the tear to a capacitor and one leg was burned off said Capacitor. I got a replacement soldered it in. But no change. And no real Control panel drawings. So I call and ordered New PANEL. That so far has also not fixed. No lights on panel no motor assist? But I have called several times a day All week. Never get above #1 in que on hold sometimes drop from #1to #3???? Leave call back # never heard a word.
They were helpful and always picked up fairly quickly. Can any suggest a source of help. Had to remove side panel on motor noticed sign of some water.
Wow... similar to how izip screwed me... my LBS/izip dealer messed with the electric stuff and sent motor to machine shop. Izip policy says that those issues must be handled by warranty repair replacement- either way it requires your bike being sent to them by the dealer. They seem to have had poor communication with dealers and just didn't teach them, and then they won't help you. They let my bike get ruined by my LbS and said "it's against our policy to get between a customer and a dealer" ... wow. I feel for ya, I went through hell dealin with them
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