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Well guys
I finally finished the mounting of front and back tire full length wide tire fenders for the 4.8" wide tires on my Wart Hog all terrain bike.
It took a while in finding the width of the fenders (and finding them in stock), I wanted to provide the best protection for the water/mud around here. I finally found a 7-1/2" wide front fender to cover as much as possible for the battery and motor areas.

I'll give these fenders a good rough road test tomorrow and cross a couple of creeks and hopefully everything works as planned.

Then I'll take some photo's to help those that may choose to follow for installing full length fenders on their fat tired bikes.

This is the simple attachment for the safety flag, a single lock pin holds everything in place.

The front fender, I installed it backwards to provide more protection for the batteries and front of the motor.

This shows the width of the front fender, at the bottom end.
I'll have to add several inches of the brushy type guard (plastic fender is NOT long enough) to the bottom to have longer and better coverage from the wet/mud etc.

The back full length fenders, I combined the front& back fenders to get the length needed, the back fender is attached at5 different points to hold everything in place,
with no rattles or noise.

You can see the 2 fenders combined and held via 4 bolts and 5 attachments points,
including the bike stays around the back end.

Here is a photo of the WH being unloaded from the new bike carrier.

The short Black ramp is the OEM one, too short/don't like,
I went with the longer top ramp, very easy to push the WH up into place,
This carrier has the bolt adjustment pockets so you can change the tire pockets size to fit the bike and balance over the main hitch support bar.
I used 2- No hook ratchet straps (Blue) to hold the wheel into the tire pockets, along with 2- other 1200# ratchet straps (Yellow) with soft straps around the seat stem to hold the WH in place.
Makes for a very safe ride over rough 4x4 roads etc.
Also JW = bike name, grew up and sprouted a beard off the bottom of the front fender, keep the engine area cleaner from dust/mud being thrown up from the front tires.
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