Front Fender Splash/Rock guard


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Here is a guard I made for the front fender of my WH 750MD 26"x4.5" tire
Seems to work very well, at reducing the rocks/gravel/brushy limbs thrown up/back
via the front tire, this guard also keeps the engine area cleaner from water/mud etc.


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Can I ask how you attached the front fender at the top?

As it’s an inverted fork I can only attach my new fender metal poles to the bottom but the fender still needs to be anchored at the top somehow as it wobbles like crazy.

This seems impossible on an upside down fork as the fender will move down with it making it hit the tire.

How did you solve the problem? I can’t find any inverted fork fenders for sale at all to get any ideas.
On my Wart Hog bike,
it has an tapered head shank for the the steering/handle bar,
shank part of the front fork, 1-1/4" top to 1-1/2" bottom end.
I used a 1-1/2" star nut and inserted it into the bottom of the taper,
to get a secure hold.

Then I made 2 mild steel plates with a center hole, one plate to fit inside the fender and the other to fit on top, then used the correct size/length of bolt to go thru the steel plates and fender, when tighten up, it holds the fender very tight and it does not move.
You can see the red colored steel plate on top of the fender in the photo.
Here is where I got the star nut from :

I added a couple of tubing clamps used for off road light bars on the front fork columns to give a place to attach the fenders stays, note that my front fork slides/moves from the bottom end.
Use these types of clamps with an adjustments spots that you can adjust to fit the distance/spacing for the front fender you need.

The front and back fender kit has enough fender stays to do the rear and front fenders, I got this extra front fender to use on the front as I wanted better coverage for the batteries/motor for all the clay mud I have around here.

There is a place across the pond (England) that has a good selection of wide/full length fenders, but they were always out of stock for the ones I wanted.
When searching, do not get the Ping Pong paddle type of fenders, they are a joke and don't provide the coverage I needed.
Look for 4" wide =100 mm+ by what ever sized tires you run.

I hope this helps, if you need more info, please feel free to ask me.
Thank you for such an informative reply, it will help me atttach the front fender properly instead of the temporary zip ties I am now using.

Attached are photos of the fenders on my bike. The rear fender is fine and covers a large area keeping mud of the rider.

If it wasn’t for the inverted front forks the front fender would be perfect too, it can be quickly fixed by locking out the suspension but that negates the point of suspension forks.

Also the Giant logo decals are just there to help any police who do glance at the bike to mentally register it as a normal bike as it looked more like a motorbike without any regular bicycle logos on them. Passed police numerous times and haven’t been stopped yet.


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