It's cataract surgery time

I have a friend who developed annoying "halos" after getting the upgraded lenses (not sure which she went with). Apparently they'll never go away - she's investigating options, but is not happy she spent a bunch of money and got that outcome. She's in the minority though, developing that issue. It's not common, but it's not unheard of, either 🙁.
The $3750 lens will give you halos around taillights. It says so right in the chart. I wouldn't go for that.
How was the surgery? Did you have a lot of pain after that? I am trying to research information about different medicines on online pharmacy website and would appreciate your feedback on this topic. I will be having my surgery in three months from now and a little worry that i gonna be staying long at home after that. IS there something i gonna need to prepare in advance? Some necessary meds etc?
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I consider the cataract surgery to be one of the greatest gifts of my lifetime. I was functionally blind in one eye when they did my first surgery when I was 41. It was like trying to look through a shot glass that had been smeared with Vaseline jelly. The military did it for me (I was active duty). I woke up with 20/28 vision in an eye that could really only see movement and whether it was day or night.
I wore a contact lens in my non-surgery eye secretly praying for a cataract in my left eye that was still 20/400. 20 years later I got my wish and they removed the cataract in my left eye. Because I served 23 years in the army on active duty, the military again came through and did the surgery. I am 73 years old now and only use the drug store readers for when I have to read labels on things.
I don't know your financial status, but I am beyond grateful for my vision every day. I can still drive at night, I can read a paper back book even without readers. I see the world.
I would say do what you can to get things to be a good as you can.

Best of luck to you.
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