Is the Phantom model recently plugged by Costco a ProdecoTech bike?

I bought a Phantom Vision this past June. I had issues with both the bike and customer service.
The bike arrived not packaged very well in a flimsy box with bubble wrap and cable ties. The front fender was bent and the motor display bracket was broken. Had an issue with the charger out of the box also.
As far as customer service I could reach someone at the company and they did take care of the issues but I had to mail the defective parts to the company at my expense.
As far as performance the 500 watt mid drive motor had good power for my size and the frame seemed really strong and ridged. I had to have the wheels trued after a couple of weeks riding. For some reason the spokes was loose. Didn’t want the hassle of trying to get reimbursed so I never contacted the company about that.
About a month ago the weld on the kickstand bracket broke off but before I could contact Phantom about the issue I wrecked the bike. The frame and motor survived so I’m thinking of rebuilding the bike.
But no way could I recommend an e-bike from Phantom, it could be a great product if a little more care was put into it.
In the meantime I bought and currently waiting on delivery of a C Model from The Electric Bike Company.
Hopefully the quality of the build will be much better.


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