In the market for a new e-bike, suggestions please


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Hello everyone,

After owning my Pedego Ridge Rider for a few years, I am looking to upgrade my bike in terms of power, range, and maybe go full suspension.
My current setup has the following

Pedego Ridge Rider with 48V 14AH battery
500 watt rear hub motor
Bright eyes 1800 lumen bike light
Kinekt suspension seat post
extra battery carried in pannier bag which consists of a 48V 11AH battery
two pannier bags
Ortlieb cooler on rear rack

On flat ground at a steady pace of 11 to 13 MPH I can go about 70 miles using both batteries, and both batteries equal about 1200 watt hours.

I normally ride on streets, beach paths, and mountains, pretty much a mix of all three, and I love this bike for it, and would like something for more mountain biking. What I'm looking to have is:

At least 80 NM of torque mid drive.
1000 or more Watt-Hours without having to carry a spare unattached battery (Willing to get spare battery if bike is nice enough)
Full suspension (not a must)
Front suspension is a must
local brand store support, like my Pedego which has amazing support.

I'm willing to swap over all after market parts to the new bike, seat, light, etc.

For example here is a bike similar to what I want, but I don't want to spend $8000. close to $8000 without any upgrades

What I actually do want to spend is close to $5,000.

I ride mostly in very nice weather in So Cal.

I am 6'3 200 pounds.

What I would love is suggestions from you all for bikes I may be missing in my search. Thank you!
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Your requirements for battery capacity coupled with a 5 thousand dollar price point is a holy grail for ebikes that has not been matched by the manufacturers. Riese and Muller come to mind for a dual battery mid drive and Bulls as well, offers a dual battery e-mtb, but not at your price point.

So at this point in time, your choices are going for the expensive R&M or Bulls. Or getting a mid drive mtb & installing a quality front and rear rack that allows you the capability of carrying extra batteries with you within a pannier, as you are currently doing with your Pedego. That's exactly what I have done with my Haibike Full FatSix and it's a very viable alternative to something that is just not out there on the market at this time.
Local brand support will most likely lead you down the Trek or Specialized road. Check out the Specialized Tero 5.0 (hard tail). At $5,000 it might come close to want you are wanting. The bike will accept a rack for your panniers (specialized offers a rack and fender kit). Bike has plenty of power and a 710 wh battery. It's would be a nice upgrade from a hub drive Pedago for all terrain. Good luck on your search
Do you have a local REI supply?
Trek can have a added battery on most of their bikes. it adds 1000.00 to the cost though
trek battery.jpg
Sondors sells 3 models of big mid drive bikes for 6'3" like you with powerful motors and huge batteries.