I hate how sometimes s*it happens in clusters and it leaves your scratching your head.


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Sometime last year when I did not shift to the smallest cog when I was taking the wheel off the tandem it pupped the cast body off the wheel. This is a dt-swiss hub and it comes apart by hand. I did not realize how easy it is to do. Well I got the rackets picture below dirty so I wiped them off checked online to look how it is assembled and used some grease to put it back together. I don't know if it had issues after the or it only happened after the bike sat 4 months while my wife's shoulder replacement healed. Well we got back to riding and we would have this strange skipping issue. Like sometimes the chain would let loose a tiny bit. I thought it was because we were out of sync from so long a time not riding. We sort of felt with it sometimes it was worse than others. But In the last two weeks I found it would not do it when we were peddle lightly or hard but in-between. I took the wheel in to the guy who built it as it had some truing needed and he found the rim had cracked in a few places and was under warranty.
He could not fund anything it felt smooth. Well when I got it back I popped it apart to check it out then checked the pdf on it and I found the problem was I sued regular grease and you need to use the special grease they sell.
I talked to a mechanic at this high end shop thats close to my shop and he told me the problem is the ratchets stick together with the wrong grease then any little slop in peddling will pop them apart. He said use some oil on them and test it. I had some Chris king lube and tested it much better not perfect but better. So just to make sure and that the grease is 18.00 I spent 50.00 for new ratchets and the grease and new springs.
Cleaned it up and put them in. The grease is really thick but dry a bit of strange I had not seen before.
I used to have a cassette 11-42 on the tandem and the mechanic changed it to 11-34 after the crash. I forgot he must have shorted the chain. Well I put that size of cast on the wheel after the grease and then we went on a ride. I checked the skipping issues but forgot to check and make sure I could shift to the largest casette ring.
Our rider was really flat and only on the way home did I shift into it. Well the deralialur wouldn't to shift out of the largest cog. Stopped at a parking lot and manually shifted it down a few cogs. It worked ok after that I did not need the largest cog so off we went.
All we were about 5 miles or so away from home ran over a twig one of many that day but it jumped into the back chainrings and takes the chain off both chainrings.
Well I clean the stick out get the chains back on and ow it gets weird. All seems fine till we get at crusing speed. I found on the 8th and 9th cogs we could peddle 5 regular strokes then the 6th the cranks would spin loose for one rotation and it would repeat. I thought something was injured the chain but nope I could not find anything. So we just went slower can got home. I tried to get it to do it on the stand but I could not. So I put the normal cast back on only ti find I could not shift to the last three cogs. No clue why. I finally had to loosen the cable nut manually move the shifter to the smallest cog and tighten it. Took three repeats then it is working totally normally again.
Went for a test ride after it stopped haling like crazy and raining and it works normally.
I used the same normal grease on my commuter with the same hub and it was fine. But looking back I made have had a few glitches now and again. I don't see any damage but I figured after months of the issue iwi replace them and the springs.