Shimano Linkglide for e bikes.


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just got the new Shimano Linkglide installed on our tandem. We were wearing Kept wearing out the 13t cog at about 2000 miles as that was our cruising cog. Since we changed the motor from the 20mph to the speed motor I can see even more wear on it and the 11t. Older it let us change the 36t chainring to 38 for a little more high-end room. With an 11-52 range climbing hiss even 20 grades would be much easier now. Shifting to the largest cog on the 18% grade test hill was like what the hell? It was louder than usual. But with practice, it should be better. It is supposed to shift under load better and last longer as the cogs are steel. the chain is supposed to last longer too and it's only like 21.00 for 11-speed.

The shifter is nice with grippers so your fingers don't slide off it after it gets slick after 10,000 miles. You only get 2 shifts on the upshift instead of the usual 3 but I always had trouble getting three as the reach was bad. Two seemed easier too. But no gear display I always look as if I would lose track when coming to a stop as I don't shift as much on the tandem. it also uses a 10-speed hub so no changes there.
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Is the Linkglide noticeably better in any aspect than the older Shimano chain/derailleur system? Or, is it just the promised longevity of the drivetrain, Steve?
man, serious climbing ability. Now we can spin up 18 to 20% grades keeping the rpms above 80 or so the more is the most efficient. On hills, we can spin up them or go faster plus with the little larger chainring we got the bike up to 28 mph on a flat peddling at 100 rpms.