hydraulic front brake quit working

Not really. The tongue has a cargo box 2" from the trailer body, followed within an inch or two by the tanks, and the tank cover rubs on the jack, which is 9" from the center of the ball socket. Premium real estate up front!

It's working out okay inside the SUV for now. Might get a tad crowded if I also wanted to pack my inflatable paddleboard and my Gazelle pop-up screen room, though. 🙃
Priorities - bike, or "cargo box"?
Priorities - bike, or "cargo box"?
Heh. The cargo box contains the two Trojan 6V batteries which provide 12V power to the trailer. A custom fiberglass box designed and installed by the trailer manufacturer. It stays. Besides, it isn't "either-or"... I can have my bike in the SUV and keep the cargo box, so no need to choose between them.