Hydraulic Brakes

Cool, I did not know there was a pedego store here now
I buy most of my bikes from ravi at crazy lennys

rode a few pedegos in phx a year or so ago and did not like the pedal assist, I don’t know if they are different now
But it’s nice to have a shop to work with for repairs etc.

Did you get a chance to ride the raleigh? Don’t know anything about that bike, sorry
I r0de a similar Raleigh. Rode nice. The throttle is something they add on, not built with throttle at factory. I rode three Pedegos for a good 20-30 minutes each. They all rode beautifully. Just can’t get over the look of the battery in the rear. Guess I could hide it with a couple of panniers. I am not handy at all but the Pedego store is near me and if I get the Raleigh, Ajo Bikes is one of their dealers.
Hopefully he will chime in

I like those cruiser style bikes

Keep us up to date on which one you pick

When converting over the issue will be the brake cut off sensor. The connectors off the brake levers is where the issue arises.

If you want to convert over to hydraulics you need to get one with the 2 wire sensor. The connectors will be different and this will certainly require that the 2 ends be properly soldered together. We only recommend that such a conversions be done by a qualified ebike dealer. Yes any modifications to the wiring / design typically voids a manufacturers warranty.

Pedego will not support owners with such conversions and I agree with them as it really is a safety thing and if wired incorrectly creates a whole lot of issues for everyone.

hope this hels,

Website: shop.scooteretti.com

Youtube: Scooteretti Youtube Channel
Hopefully he will chime in

I like those cruiser style bikes

Keep us up to date on which one you pick

I was all set on buying the Interceptor until reading negative things about the rear motor and battery. Love the looks (except the rear battery) and fit and finish and quality parts though.

What do you think of hiding the rear battery by putting panniers over it?