Help with sw900 controller ,Current-limiting of Controller


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Hi ,can any one Help me with sw900 controller,i want to know what amp setting i should have in program P14 Current-limiting of Controller ,I have a 1500w rear hub motor with a U004 52v 20ah battery,my contoller goes up to 50 but i have set it at 12
All so , a question about the throttle and pedal assist,i have both of them actived, program p10 ,which is set to 2,driven by PAS & Throttle, when i use the throttle whilst pedaling the bike cuts out ,is this right,thx Steven
12 amps is ~600 watts @ 50 v. A little conservative on a 1500 w motor. Direct drive hub, perhaps? Those cool pretty well with windings on the outside. I'd be tempted to go 30 A limit, mayb 1800 w at 60 v of battery. maybe more like 26 A would be safer? Those DD motors are only about $200 in a wheel, not a lot of risk. I've got one I paid $189 for with controller, throttle, brake handles. Didn't like it, changed to geared hub motor.
No experience with the SW900, but I agree with the above. I would go with as much power as I could get with a direct drive. As long as you aren't climbing long hills with it, I doubt you can hurt it with too much power.
From the manual "P15 Not implemented now"
Yah but the function makes my bike give an error, when i set it to 10 its ok, but it does not save it, the next time i turn on the bike its 51.5 again.Can someone tell me some special way to save it or something.The error is number 6
i have been getting this error number 6 just this week for the first time,i fixed it and found my earth lead was not pushed in ,so first of check your wiring