help with spoke size for izip e3 dash 2015 hub motor


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looking to find what the specs measurements are for a replacement spokes for an izip e3 dash hub wheel, i have it at 210mm 12 gauge when i measured it with a ruler, many thanks


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When I bought replacements for mine I ordered 205mm 13 gauge and those worked. I believe that was thicker than the original gauge though.
yes i think you are correct it's 205mm and i have it at 2.35mm on my caliper which is 13 gauge, thanks for your help... BTW if you have a couple spare i'd be happy to buy it off you... so hard to get these in a timely manner!
I'd be happy to send you some but unfortunately mine are with my bike... which is in a repair shop which has been closed for 3 months. I got them fairly quickly from - make sure to buy the nipples too if you get them there cause the threading didn't match my existing nipples.