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Greetings! My wife and I are new ebikers. Her Aventon Level.2 arrived last week. (An incredible 3 days after we ordered it) My Aventon Aventure.2 will arrive within the next week. Aventon added torque sensors to both models and my wife loves everything about hers except the handlebar height. We're going to install a stem riser. Hope it's high enough. Anyway, we are both retired 70somethings and hills and wind have been getting increasingly difficult and many of our friends now have ebikes. I've managed on several occasions to keep up on my Trek peddler but still felt I was holding them back. Enough jibber jabbering. Glad to be here. Thanks.
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Welcome to the family and thanks for choosing Aventon! We hope that you and your wife have many awesome adventures ahead. If you ever need us, give us a call at 866-300-3311. Our phones are open Monday through Friday from 8-5 pm, PST, or send us an email at [email protected]!

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Welcome aboard! I've seen posts on handlebar risers — worth a search. The adjustable stem on my ebike let me dial in the height and reach I was after. But raising the height unavoidably reduces reach, so that solution may not work for everyone.
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