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Just joined the forum but have used site for info / reviews ... helped me with my ebike purchase that I pick up tomorrow Wed. (tks for a informative site)

Have biked,skied,dualsport and run trails for most my life and now my first ebike (age 61). Rented a few while traveling to get an idea and shopped/ researched for the past year. Looking forward to peddling around Greenville SC for a couple hours tomorrow to get used to my new wheels.

Hi Berry,

I bit the belt ...um... bullet on a Focus Adventra 1.0 ... really looking forward to some riding !

Hey SCbiker! Nice to see some other newbies here. If you don't mind, I'd love to see what made you choose the Focus Aventura? Otherwise, cheers, and enjoy riding around SC!
this is probably my last bike purchase ... Ive kept my Specialized FSR mtn. bike 20 yrs and still going ... looks a little beat but adds character ! just keep replacing parts.

with that in mind I looked for the following:

Good bones/ build quality
established long term company
good warranty / 2yrs.
very good components
liked the belt drive
wanted a speed pedelec to get me off busy roads quicker ... not that I intend to ride 28mph everywhere
like the older school/ strong look
racks/fenders/lights etc... included...

I plan on using this for grocery getting and errands etc ... really looking forward to riding this for a day... getting it dialed in to my profile etc

...I bit the belt ...um... bullet on a Focus Adventra 1.0 ....

Cool! What a nice looking ride! I'd be eager to hear some rider feedback once you put some miles on it. I'm considering the Kalkhoff Integrale S11 so I'd really like to hear what you think of the belt drive and motor system (Kalkhoff and Focus are same company so perhaps traits of one will apply to the other). I wasn't sure Focus still made the 1.0 but definitely a bike I would consider if some of my other choices don't pan out. Anxious to hear your take on the bike after some use!
Hi Berry,

I bit the belt ...um... bullet on a Focus Adventra 1.0 ... really looking forward to some riding !


Awesome, and you have a sense of humor too! There aren't many people with Focus/Kalkhoff bikes on the forum, so you are a particularly welcome addition ;)

If you haven't seen it yet, there are brand specific forums inside the general discussion area. You can join the Focus group!

tks for the heads up on the mfg. specific threads ... ill search when I get in this evening ...

cheers / B.
Cranked out my first 15 miles this morning .... Nice bike ... Can keep up with in town traffic then set the speed limiter for 15mph for the swamp rabbit trail ... Nice .... Only item thus far I may get is an adjustable stem. Bike and drive very quite .... No rattles etc ... Good. Build quality
Very cool!

Swamp rabbit trail... is it a rabbit trail through a swamp, or is a swamp rabbit a cute mammal that lives in a swamp?

Either way, sounds like an interesting ride!
its a a 20 mile hike / bike / run trail thru the Greenville SC area ... very nice. named after the swamp rabbits that used to and still do live there.

if you travel thru any time I recommend it ... fyi ... I saw dem pesky wabbits but Elmer Fudd
was no where around ... I understand he hangs out here !

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... Bike and drive very quite .... No rattles etc ... Good. Build quality

Great! I re-watched Court's video on this bike. I had to add it back to my 'under consideration' list (maybe in top 5 of choices). It really has the commuter style I want and is full of features. I probably originally discarded it from my list as I was looking more at bikes with frame integrated batteries. But the Trek XM700+ is still one of my top choices and I probably prefer the battery position of the Focus Aventura (seat tube) to that of the Trek (down tube). It's just a better use of space imo. With that said, I don't know what difference it makes for handling. But I should get to find out soon. It looks like both of the bikes will be available for riding at the upcoming D.C. expo.
I ride in NC it's a lot of fun. Be careful with traffic interactions. Since there isn't a lot of ebike riders here people underestimate my speed frequently. I just roll with it and give them space, but have had people pass me awkwardly. I mostly ride in 30 mph and below zones and ride an spedelec.

Very valid point ... I experienced same first day out in Gville ... People don't realize / underestimate the timing involved with a speed pedelec .... How could they know ? Defensive riding on our part is our responsibility ... Boy are these bikes fun tho ! ☺

150 miles on my Focus / impressions ...

very solid / predictable bike , even on roads that are in less than good condition. Around corners on down hill with broken road surface tracks well ... goes where you point it
with no twitchyness (?) or unsettled feeling.
While I dont have a lot of miles ridden yet range in the given power levels are as advertised . I tend to travel in the middle power level unless on a busier road and want to go faster to get to a secondary road. Also usually pedal at a medium or higher rpm,
Have not had to readjust any cables, brakes, shifters etc. and bike performs quietly thru the drive and while shifting. It does has shift assist but I also let up some during shifts so this may also influence noise / clunking etc. The rest of the bike is just as quiet ... dont really notice things rattling etc. good build quality.
The brakes / Magura 5s are a 4 pot caliper and work well even at higher speeds and when wet.

Thus far no surprises and happy with the bike ... one always has expectations when purchasing ... reading / watching all the reviews helped , but real life on one tells the tale.
now reliability is the key ... more miles please !

I plan on replacing pedals with mtn. bike type platform / a little easier on the feet and have installed ergon grips on the bars , I like them as this is a slightly lean forward / perf. type layout.

all for now .... bike safe !

Youre last bike,ha.... thats what i said. glad youre enjoying your focus, ebikes are a menace in a fun way.