Hello! From Polaris eBikes!

Hello Everyone!

Polaris electric bicycles or ebikes, developed with innovate transportation technology, represent an exciting new option in the light electric vehicle market. POLARIS license partnership with EVantage combines cutting-edge design and technology. Marked by quality, durability and safety, our electric bicycles provide our customers with a fresh opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

If you should have any questions, you certainly can direct them to me, Brent, on this forum. I'm very excited to be a part of the ebike community and conversation.

If you need to reach us via phone or our tech support:
Main Contact:

Warranty/Tech Support
2336 Alki Ave SW
Seatle Washington 98116

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
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Brent! Thank you so much for the introduction and support details. I've really enjoyed your bikes, got to see them for the first time at Interbike 2012. The focus on smooth acceleration and integrated batteries (to balance out the frames) really impressed me.

I saw the bikes again this year and you guys have made a ton of progress! Upgraded to 750 watt motors, wow... Actually, all year long I heard you guys talking about updated software and design improvements. You've made great progress and I'm excited for some hands on time with the 2014 models. I also like your snowmobiles :D

Considering the Polaris Course but concerned about the low battery Amp Hours. Your thoughts. Thanks
I have an older model Vector with a 8ah battery. I get pretty good range out of it on pedal assist 1 or 2 (20 miles), anything more and it does eat the battery fast
Hey saw you guys at San Diego Electric Bike Display, also saw quark there too. Very impressed with the bikes, think I will get one. Like the hub design, and the fact that they offer 750 watts! Also a pleasure to talk to Chris there chief engineer.