Hello from Chris in Watford, near London, UK

Krysa Rat

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United Kingdom
Watford, Herts, England
Hi all, I'm Chris, me and missus Karla live in Watford (well, someone has to after all). We have been cycling for 20 years plus now and have just made the jump from normal to eBikes (specifically the Specialised Turbo Tero 4). Gonna keep the normal bikes for local stuff like pub visits and, er, other pub visits and rack up the eBikes for longer day adventures / hols. What I like about the Tero is that you can micro tune the motor so it assists as much or as little as your legs will allow - actually I've just tuned the motor for a local circuit such that the human powered and powered bikes sweat the same calories out of me for roughly the same distance, speed, time. Bike pic below hopefully.