Headphone let's you hear traffic

Alan Acock

Conventional headphones, in my opinion, are not advisable while riding because they mask traffic sounds. On an ebike, because of the greater speed this may be a special problem.

Aftershokz (weird spelling I know) do not cover your ear or go into your ear. They use bone conduction and go in front of your ear. This leaves you ear available for conventional hearing. You can wear Aftershokz headphones, listen to music at a moderate level, and carry on a conversation at a normal volume. You can hear the ambient sounds on the road that are so important to your safety.

I tried their Titanium model because it had good reviews, but I was dubious of the sound quality until I put them on. I think an audiophile might find them disappointing, but I find the sound quality as good as the plug in earphones that come with an iPhone. The only problem is when you are going down a long hill over 30 mph, there is some wind noise that is a problem hearing the music, but your ear still works normally.

I have no connection with the company.

Aftershokz headphone.jpg
There are a few different bone conduction headphones out there now. I picked up some Panasonic ones fairly cheap but they didn't fit well. Worked pretty decently though, a good option over an external speaker.