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Re alumi pro with raised sprocket
Is the front sprocket " 16t " specific to Haibike or will a generic bosch fit
anybody know of a source of resonable priced ones in the UK. also need a replacement raised sprocket soon
@EddieJ might have an answer for this; he lives in your part of the world. Also check with the UK Pedelecs forum; someone there may know a good source for the sprocket. And welcome to EBR, too!
Afraid that I don't know the first thing about what sprockets that Haibike run on their bikes, but odd peculiarities in fit have cropped up lately, especially with bikes from Giant.

You can certainly buy 16t sprockets that aren't raised, and by raised I assume that you are meaning the e bike specific SRAM sprocket which has one regular flat sided tooth, followed by one raised sided tooth.

I use Connex sprockets as I have found them to be the most durable, and whilst being flat sided, I was assured by directly by Connex that they are compatible with both Shimano and SRAM. I run a Shimano XT set up on one bike and an SRAM X1 set up on the other, and both use the same Connex sprocket. I am also now due to take delivery of a 2017 KTM which uses an SRAM EX1 set up, which does use a raised sided sprocket from OE, and only time will tell if I can use a flat sided sprocket on that.

If you do opt to buy a Connex, I tend to use Pro Gorilla from Germany, but I buy several sprockets at a time. I think that 16t Connex sprockets can also be found on Ebay UK.

To eliminate doubt, you could ask on either of these two places.


https://www.facebook.com/groups/313908402329634/ (UK legal bikes only)
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I am more concerned that my front sprocket seems to have chainguide . "The bit with Haibike written on it ." attached to it. I've not removed it yes as I don't have an appropriate c spanner for the retaining ring. I'll follow you supplied links thanks.
Eddie gave a lot of good information. The only thing i would comment on is that i have changed my Haibike original sprocket / chainring (with guard), to an original Haibike 18t and now a 20t.

I found the flat chainrings (like connex) ran too close to motor casing and ended up cracking my case. This is why i went back to buying the original hairlike sprockets, which by the way runs too close to casing in my opinion anyway.

The guard serves little purpose so don't worry about that.
Thankfully the KTM cases give enough clearance not to have to worry. :)

I have still ripped one to shreds though, when a large flint span up and became wedged.