Greetings from the Beach Cruiser capital of the World.

Chuck Casey

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Howdy folks, I've been on two wheels my whole life. Love motorcycles and bicycles and I live in coastal Orange County and our beaches combined with the LA beaches represent the 'Beach Cruiser' capital of the world.

With that said I've never owned a beach cruiser as I've always had performance bikes as a kid and when older wanted fast light bikes with gears and good brakes. Only recently have beach cruisers been available light weight with gears and good brakes, I never had interest in a heavy, slow single speed bike.

But now they're available as E-Bikes and my wife and I bought a matching pair of E-Lux Newport's.

We rented ebikes in Whistler, Canada earlier and loved them but wanted a comfortable up right riding position. We've spent years wanting e-bikes but did not want to spend the money needed to buy two. The E-Lux are near perfect, The long wheel base and open riding position feel like what early motorized bicycles felt like. This is not just an electric bicycle (I've ridden those) but a motorized full size 'Bike'. And it's not too heavy at around 58lbs. 3 power modes, 5 level of Pedal Assist, Thumb Throttle, 500 watt hub drive motor disk brakes with sensors in the levers to to interrupt power when braking. Well set up machines for what we wanted with a good price.

I got a flat from a rim burr within a few weeks of riding and when I disassembled the wheel realized how poor of quality the tires and tubes were.

For both bikes I purchase HD tubes and Maxxis Gypsy's. Do yourself a tire and get a quality ebike tire, one of the most important items and the only one that makes contact with the ground. The bike came with Kenda beach cruiser tires and light duty tubes, I installed them on my old Mountain Bike as it needed tires.

Pics in the Park with the OE Kenda tires--


Here is a picture of with mine with the Gypsy's.


Here my old Mountain Bike with the Kenda's better suited to it..

I bought that bike new in 1984, I've always owned bikes and now find my wife and I are e-ebike owners and enthusiast's.
The wife and I have two trips planned for the LA area in April. Debating about taking our ebikes or renting bikes if we wanted to do a beach run. What are the best beaches to cruise with a ebike?
Newport Beach through Huntington Beach and on to Venice Beach. About 10 miles. Sure miss it. When I lived in H.B. I rode this route frequently. Just watch close because the path wanders. Truly beach cruisers paradise. Would love to ride it with my St2. Probably go alot farther ha.
The wife and I have two trips planned for the LA area in April. Debating about taking our ebikes or renting bikes if we wanted to do a beach run. What are the best beaches to cruise with a ebike?

In Orange County you have the coastal bike path that runs from Newport Beach in the South North through Huntington Beach - can go through Sunset, Seal and into Long Beach on the streets shared with Cars and from Newport south into Laguna and San Clemente.

I like Bike paths as there are no signals or car traffic. In LA the stretch is starts in Torrance and runs North through Redondo, Hermosa and Manhattan. The order of cities might be off. Can continue all the way up the coast using roads shared with cars and mixed in bike paths in Venice and Santa Monica.

Here is the HB bike path---
Hi Casey,

Very cool looking Elux bikes! I'm really loving mine as well. Haven't run into the issues you found with the tires yet, but I'm only about 400 miles deep on mine. If the need arises, what should I tell my bike shop I'm looking to replace them with?

95% of my rides are on the 20 mile stretch of the bike path from Santa Monica to Torrance. Such a beautiful ride!! Anyone give me a holler if you want to join me.

@hualalai, take a look at the Schwalbe Big Ben Plus. These Schwalbe tires are specifically designed for ebikes; they cost a bit more; however, they do have extra tread and protection along the middle of the tread to help prevent wear from the motor stress and junk in the road. They've got a comfy feel like other balloon tires have and will wear well.
Ann, thanks for the great suggestion! Will definitely ask my shop about installing these. If you don't mind another question, about how often do folks typically replace their tires? 500 miles? 1000 miles? Does it depend on the terrain? Thanks again!