Greetings, and a mod for fun and me time.


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So I'll start quick. Just got an Amyet v9-g60 from Aliexpress for $530 shipped, and so far I love everything on it but the brakes and amount of storage it has.

I'm a big guy and it still hits 28mph without blinking an eye. It doesn't have a ton of stickers on it, and it has really solid range with the 25ah battery. I have no problem going 35 miles on throttle alone.

Brake shudder is pretty not great on this guy--even with them centered and broken in gently.

Because I'm waiting for a new set of hydraulic brakes to arrive, I got bored and made a rack for panniers on the back.
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Took 3/4" emt conduit, drilled 1/4" holes at the mounting points, painted it matte black, ran screws/nylon nuts, put in end caps, and am 3d printing a tail light mount to relocate it farther back.

Was thinking of putting on a metal cross brace in case anyone runs into the back of it on the trail, and so I can tow a smitty sled on the ice.

I welcome any feedback on how to complete this mod. Thanks and glad to be here!