Goggles that fit over eyeglasses?

A lot of knowledge has been accumulating here my question is how do you guys do when there's rain ? you know I need to wear the goggles ; how do you take the water out ? Do you stop and you take the googles out and you clean them or you drive without the glasses ? I personally cannot drive without the glasses .
For me the best thing to do is nothing. I don't get a lot of water inside the lens. Its splashing outside. My helmet has a visor that covers the top of the lenses so that doesn't hurt. Worst case... wear a baseball cap under your helmet. I've done that before. But a short visor like most helmets have is plenty.

the droplets on the visor are an annoyance only. It becomes a problem if you try and wipe them off. Then you get smearing. The exception to this is if you carry a microfiber cloth with you. Then you can wipe away on the outside.
Depends on temperature and wind


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