Gazelle Ultimate C380+ Panniers


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I recently posted about getting an additional battery for my Gazelle Ultimate C380+./

Now I have panniers on my mind.

I want to get them to hold the additional battery, as well as other things.

I don't need Gazelle branded panniers.

What should I look for when I shop for these?

Is a no name brand from Amazon going to work as well as a name brand from a local bike shop?
The Ortlieb E-Mate would be my #1 option, it has a sleeve specifically designed for the Bosch 400/500wh Powerpack or Powertube batteries. Bags are sold individually and you can remove the battery sleeve should you want an open cargo hold.

I have an E-Mate (above) on my Gazelle. It's great for carrying the 2nd battery. It's not very big, so it may/may not serve your purpose depending on how much "other things" you want to carry.
I DID go with the Gazelle panniers and love them. I also used the MIK rack mounting system to make things a snap. Very pleased, but expensive.


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The E-mate behaves as if it were a hard-case and it snugly "holds" the rear rack. It also has the reinforced bottom, which is vital for battery transport. As Brendon said, the internal sleeve has been just designed for an e-bike battery. Using E-Mate for transporting the battery on another e-bike make/model.