Gazelle CityZen Speed T10 - $2000 - central TX - hardly used - lots of extras


For sale is a much-loved but not-much-used Gazelle CityZen Speed T10.
This is an awesome class-3 commuter made in the Netherlands, with a Bosch performance drivetrain. There's a thorough review here on EBR which is what originally got my attention about this bike.

I'm in Austin TX and I'm intending this for local buyers only.

Photos of everything here

This is a 46cm frame which equates to a "small" in US terms. I'm 5'6" and the bike fits great; there's plenty of room in the frame geometry to accommodate somebody taller, maybe up to 5'10" or so. I've flipped the stem to make for a more aggressive riding position, but this bike can also enable a more upright posture.

This was my first ebike, purchased in late 2019, just a few months before the pandemic effectively ended my need for commuting 😅
Fun fact, my decision to buy this is actually well-documented here on this forum, as I discussed it ad nauseum in this post. We've come circle here :)

History and why I'm selling
I ended up purchasing this from San Diego Fly Rides; this was a rental model for a time, but when it arrived I saw essentially zero signs of use. Aside from a QC issue with the battery mount (documented here, and fixed a couple weeks after I received it) the bike has behaved flawlessly during the time I've had it. I really wish I could keep it because I think it's the perfect all-purpose city bike, but I am just not riding it nearly enough to justify keeping it. Will be better off in somebody else's hands.

I'm also getting rid of all my other bike gear along with this. The hope is that somebody could buy this "bundle" from me and get from zero to basically ready-to-commute with a single purchase. Everything listed below is included in the asking price. Or if you want to mix and match, buy items separately or drop the total price if you don't want some of these things, just discuss in the DM with me.
  1. Novara "Round Town" pannier - open style grocery pannier, collapses flat and tight
  2. REI Junction pannier - super slick, commuter oriented, laptop sleeve etc.
  3. Kryptonite U-lock - old and well-used, still in great shape
  4. Cygolite Metro and Hotshot front and rear lights
  5. Collapsible wall-mounted maintenance arm
  6. Floor pump and frame pump
  7. Topeak compact handlebar bag - quick release, love this thing
  8. Spin doctor chain cleaner and lube
  9. Crank Brothers M19 multitool
  10. Grab bag of small stuff like tire levers, a few spare tubes, etc.
  11. Basic helmet, with adjustable rearview mirror
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