Fourth Best Helmet Half-Priced


The fourth best helmet according to Virginia Tech:

Is on sale half price, $60:

I ordered one, free shipping.
The fourth best helmet according to Virginia Tech:

Is on sale half price, $60:

I ordered one, free shipping.
It would be all good if not the fact the Tactic were an MTB helmet, which is looking weird when riding certain types of bikes 😊 I was surprised to find out how highly the Specialized Mode – an inexpensive city helmet – was rated by Virginia Tech.

My choice was Specialized Echelon II, which despite its rather low rating saved my skull on a dangerous crash. Were I aware of Virginia Tech testing earlier, I would probably choose Specialized Prevail 3 (or Align II) road/gravel helmet that looks properly where I'm riding 😊
I'm pretty sure the visor is removeable. They sell replacement visors
Yes it looks dumb and I will remove it.
There are several other helmets half-priced. I have the align 2, it is highly rated, inexpensive, all good.
The Mode is too round, it needs to be pointy.
My current helmet is a MIPS helmet (I only buy MIPS helmets), a Bell 4Forty Air with AS/NZS2063:2008 certification, which ticks the box for meeting Australian law. It works for me as most of my riding is touring/bikepacking.

I got the Tactic helmet. It is a large, Classic fit, but kind of snug on me. They say it goes to 24.5", I say no one above 23.5" should buy it without trying it on first. The fore/aft direction is where it is snug. There is plenty of room on the sides. The visor comes off easily.


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The fore/aft direction is where it is snug. There is plenty of room on the sides.
Did you get the Classic or Round fit? Sounds like Classic would fit you better if it isn't already. I got the Round because that works better for my head shape.
I ordered the classic fit. The part numbers on the box indicate it is classic fit. I dont see any labels on the helmet itself to confirm that.
The manufacture date is Jul 2022
I have other XL helmets that are snug front to back
The Stomp ski helmet is uncomfortably tight, the worst.
I have a Smith Maze XL snow helmet that is snug, I cant fit the thinnest of balaclavas under it.
The Specialized Tactic L is snug.
I have a Specialized Align 2 XL that has plenty of room.
Both Specialized helmets are the largest available, both say 24.5" maximum, but the Align 2 is a lot larger (longer) than the Tactic.
I got one. My old Schwinn was 12 years old😳 The large is very comfortable for my big head. The ventilation is so good.
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I have the tactic and I really dislike the fact that the visor cannot be adjusted for the sun in your eyes. Enough so that I am considering getting a different helmet. Other than that, it is a comfy helmet and I do like the protection it provides on the back of the head.
I finally updated my +10 year old Fox Flux helmet to a XL Bell Sixer MTB with MIPS system. The Bell helmet is extremely comfortable, feel lighter than my old Fox helmet, the visor can move up/down, it has more contact points to feel more secure on my head, and it is easy to adjust if I need to wear a skull cap under for chilly weather.

I even updated the wife's +10 year old Louis Garneau Robota helmet with a Giro Fixture with MIPS and she likes it. Her old Garneau Robota helmet would slide around on her head because of her hair.
Thanks for calling the sale to my attention. To my eye the Tactic's flattened top is butt-ugly... no offense intended. But the Chamonix was also half price (a few dollars less than the Tactic, too) and had a pretty good rating (at #18), so I ordered one. Free shipping to the local store across town.

Besides, the first college dorm I lived in was nicknamed Chamonix House. So it resonated with me. :)
The fourth best helmet according to Virginia Tech:

Thanks for bringing the Virginia Tech ratings to my attention. Comforting to know that my ABUS Pedelec 2.0 scored pretty well.

Hate to say it, but with the visor, the Tactic 4 reminds me of the world's most famous comb-over.
We initially went with VTech top rated helmets, but later on switched to Lumos MIPS helmets with lights. Drivers are the larger threat in our town.