Flat-out small tire 2 month review.


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Ok I used this in two different tires on our tandem and my commuter asa a tubeless sealant since I had it on hand when I converted the tires to tubeless and wanted a sealant that did not dry out.
I used the flat out in our tandem tires first. The back held air for a month in the last couple of months it lost a little air after sitting several days or a really big temp change. The front once I got the valve stem tight enough would go a week or so without needed air. But the last week or so it has lost air over a day or so.
I had to take the back tire off to get a spoke repaired and I found the tire wet inside with flat out but no real puddle as I expected. I put around 8oz on flat out in the tire. Well I was thinking if the back is dry maybe the front too? So I added some and it has held air since.
On my commuter its been pretty consistent it loosed some air and they need filled once a week. One tire was low when the temp went from 40 to 23 in the morning but other than that pretty constant. Well had a punter on the way home I heard the hiss and after maybe 3 wheel rotations it stoped and the air level seemed ok (I was not sure what tire it was. I was sick for 2 days and did not ride I found the front tire low and added air. Most of the way home it was getting low. Almost made it about a mile from home but it was too low. So hit it with co2 but it would not hold air Could not find the hole to use a dynadart so I walked home (it was raining and the tires were wet) took the wheel off and brought it in the house to see if I cold find the hole after it dried off. Well pumped it off but air is leaking from the bead and there seems no fluid in the tire.
It seems weird I lost 8oz of sealant in a couple of months or maybe 600 or so miles of riding at most on each bike.
Now if. could get 3 or so months of riding between fills it would cost les then most other sealants that dry out. I find if I let the air out of the tire and lift the wheel off the ground I can tap the bottom and feel fluid in there. it seems the fluid needs movement to leak out since the tandem has about 1/2 the miles as my commuter right now and my commuter got the flat out about a month after the tandem. but all the tires lost their sealant.
ok an update. on my commuter I kept seeing small wet spots on the tire. iodide to think much of it till I saw one with a slow bubble. I was like am I getting this many flats? butI marked the spots on my sidewall of my tire and I see its the same holes keep leaking including one I used a plug to seal. so. think the flat out seals them but then they open up again. these are tiny spots though. so I think thats where most of the sealant is going. but hey if it lasted three months it would be cost effective to just add more instead of changing the sealant like most sealants require.