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UPDATE! I've covered an updated version of the Fazua Evation on the cross country electric mountain bike from Trek called the E-Caliber. Fazua has rolled out a firmware update for their drive system called Black Pepper that increases power and cadence range, they also updated their battery pack to the 250X with some aesthetic changes. Here's the newest review and stats https://electricbikereview.com/trek/e-caliber-9-9-xtr/ and the following video shows it in action with timestamps in the YouTube description:

Hi guys! While visiting BULLS today I got to spend some time with their new Fazua models (the Wild Flow EVO RS and Alpine Hawk EVO). Both use the Fazua (pronounced Fahd-Zua) drive system. I called the company and asked all of my questions about the power, torque, controller readings, and options... and really learned a lot! So, I filmed this little review and wanted to share the details since it might take a bit more time to publish the bikes.

Overall, the motor is capable and definitely made climbing easier... even steep off road climbing was made possible for me, eve with my knee sensitivity. The motor does make some whining noises and the battery capacity is limited. There's no shift detection, no USB charging ports, the battery must be turned on before the handlebar control pad can activate the system (which is annoying because if the battery is locked to the frame, this takes extra time). I wasn't able to figure out walk mode or activating lights, which was interesting given that the BULLS Wild Flow EVO RS has Monkey Link lights. Perhaps someone here can chime in? All of my research findings are listed below, all weights were done by me in person aside from the bottom bracket. Hit me up with any questions you've got and I'll try to get answers or chime in with your own thoughts!
  • Warranty: 2 years on the battery, 30 months on all other motor systems
  • Battery 250 weight: 3.1lbs
  • Battery specs: Samsung 3200Ma 18650 cells 10 series 2 parallel
  • Battery voltage: 36v
  • Battery amp hours: 7ah
  • Battery watt hours: 252wh
  • Battery charger: MDA 1.4lb 42.0 volt 2.0 amp
  • Battery awake time: 8 hours before physical re-activation
  • Estimated charge time: 3.5 hours
  • Estimated range: 20 to 50 miles
  • Motor weight: 4.2lbs
  • Combined battery and motor "Drivepack": 7.3lbs
  • Bottom Bracket gearbox: 2.8lbs
  • Motor power: 250 watts nominal, 400 watts peak
  • Peak torque output: 60 newton meters
  • Maximum motor cadence output 80 RPM, Optimal motor cadence output 60 RPM
  • Small Q-Factor (Crank Spindle Width 133mm)
  • Display details: Fazua Remote, Fixed, Color LED, Buttons: Up, Power, Down, (Top LED Illuminates in Red or Yellow to Communicate an Error, See Dealer, Illuminated Green when paired with optional Bluetooth smartphone app)
  • Display readouts: Battery Level (10 Bars), Assist Level (Green BreezeMode, Blue RiverMode, Pink RocketMode)
  • North America app readouts: Battery Percentage, Motor Power (in Watts), Current Speed (in MPH or KM/H)
  • Pedal assist details: (Measures Rear Wheel Speed, Pedal Cadence, and Pedal Torque in Real Time, Green BreezeMode 75% 125 Watts, Blue RiverMode 150% 250 Watts, Pink RocketMode 240% 400 Watts)
  • Options: Downtube cover $80 (weighs ~1lb, serves to reduce weight when riding without assist, doubles as a storage container), Remote fX $114 (downtube mounted, turns the battery and display on with just one click, requires the Locker pX $47 interface vs. standard locker)

History of Fazua: Fazua was founded in 2013 in Munich, Germany by a small team of Bavarian cycling enthusiasts. Since then, the company has relentlessly pursued its goal of revolutionizing the eBike market. Led by managing directors Johannes Biechele and Fabian Reuter, the Fazua team has developed an innovative eBike drive system aimed at pushing the limits of cycling mobility while also preserving the natural feel of a non-motorized bike. Johannes saw the larger more powerful ebike mid-drive systems on the market and wanted to go for a lighter, more natural approach. Thus the Fazua Evation system was born. Fazua is distributed by Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) in North America.
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Fazua need to upgrade the controller to Ant+. Even Giant have upgraded the RideControl One to Ant+ and the upgrade cost me £50. Come on Fazua let's get all that data onto Garmins etc