Father needs tires - help!


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So pretty much I screwed up. I'm kicking myself for not buying a black radrover. I got the white one, love it, want to enjoy more time on it.

My dad wants to get a radrover as well.. ....so I made it more appealing (bought a black one on Thursday, be here Tuesday 1/31/17) - I'm giving him some cash $$$ and he buys the black radrover which I'll get and he'll take my white rad rover with 200 miles on the ODO.

This is great for me as now I can borrow his bike for my camp trips! No need to store a 2nd bike, pay $1500+ for something that sits and I get to help my dad out. It's a win win!

HOWEVER - He will only ride it, for the most part, around the suburban area where we live. He lives 3 miles from me. a couple miles from local shops/breweries, ect.

What is a good tire that will be street/pavement friendly, quite but also sand/beach friendly (for my trips to the coast which is fairly often)????

Maxxis Hookworms have been tossed around - but my worry is the sand. He MAY every now an then go riding with me on some compact dirt paths but that'll be far and few between.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions
what is wrong with the stock tires? just too noisy?

i ride mine with the stock tires on pavement all the time

if he was commuting a long way maybe thinner more road type tires would be called for, but for a few miles back and forth i would think stock is fine....
I have about 500 miles on both of my Radrovers since Sept/2016. It has been about 80% paved roads and paved bike paths. The tires are not as noisy on the paved roads after wearing down about 25%. I'm about 50% tread on the fronts and maybe 25%-35% tread on the rears. At my wear rate, I will need new rear tires by Spring.

I would like to have some options also for a long treadlife tire that commuter friendly and dirt trail capable.
You might be able to get by with Hookworms if you lowered the pressure and the sand isn't deep, but keep in mind that they are 26 x 2.5" which is still standard size, so they are already pretty narrow on our 26" x 3" wheels. You're not going to get a 3", 4", or 5" contact patch like you would with real fatbike tires. Hookworms have street tread that wraps from bead to bead, but they have deep, wavy grooves which might do well in sand. Sand robs horsepower, and our motors make about 1 HP, so I would keep the throttle up and weight off of the rear as much as possible and watch your motor temps.
Times like this I wish I had a mid-drive motor. I can then purchase a second set of rims/tires I could quick release on/off for commuting or off-road riding. I haven't really looked a lot; but, it looks like an "All Terrain" type of tire for paved roads and trails riding for fat bike hasn't been invented yet?