Faraday Porteur S replaced bottom bracket from TDCM sensor to NCTE sensor - poor ride.

C Smith

New Member
After having my original bottom bracket TDCM brand replaced with a NCTE brand because of BB play, I now find that I have to use the Boost mode to get sufficient assist riding up hills. With the old TDCM brand I was able to use just the ECO mode and get the same assist as Boost, riding easier with less effort. I now have to shift to a higher gear and press hard and spin while climbing. The bike I have now does not ride like the bike I purchased. I am aware that their are may types of sensors, torque, cadence (revolution), and both torque/cadence, which is what the NCTE is supposed to be. I have been in many conversations with Faraday and am not satisfied with the current performance of my bike. Faraday will switch back to the original bottom bracket, I assume it will be TDCM brand, but will not warranty it because they are not using them anymore. They are now using the NCTE brand.

Does anyone out in E bike land have this problem with their Faraday or any other e bike? Is it just me and am I being to picky? Is there a fix for my current BB/sensor?
If you notice that much of a difference after the dealer changed out the torque sensing bottom bracket, it’s likely the new part has a different resting voltage or scaling factor than the original part. Did you ask your dealer to see if there was a software upgrade to accommodate the new part?
Yes, they said Faraday sends specific instructions for firmware, etc. and they have to follow for the BB/sensor to work. I am now in contact with Faraday again to better understand the difference between the two BB's...it just does not make any sense, especially if you read NCTE description of their BB. I understand that NCTE builds the THUN BB, which is torque sensing. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.