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I am not sure about this controller(no large heat sink), it was paralleled with another Heinzmann controller which connects to the rear wheel. No beeps when power is applied. I picked up some parts at an auction, and trying to figure out what is what. One controller has a large heat sink on it, and also has a tandom Heinzmann controller attached to rear wheel, it beeps when power is applied, and the wheel turns when you push the aluminum thumb lever. I have setup 5 Toyota Pius cells for the battery, and it fits perfectly with minor modifications. It is 36 volts 8.5 ah. I really love the Prius cells, I have worked on Hybrids for about 8 years, and the second gen Prius cells are great for performance and reliability. I had a Honda that had a few bad cells, and could not find good cells to install in the pack, so finally my last effort was to place a prius battery pack in the trunk, and extended all the sensing wires and power cables to it through a large hole I cut where the old battery pack sat. The car worked great with the Prius cells in it, never had a problem with the battery pack after that.

I found that the first gen controller is the one without the large heat sink on it. I may have to add a switch to turn it on. but I am still confused about the tandem controller with the throttle attached to it. I'm not sure if the EVG controller needs to turn on to make it go.


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